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Accents in Timed Practice

I often review skills using Timed Practice. Since there is no penalty for typing a sentence without its accents, I often don't type the accents to save time.

Whether I use the accents or not, I get +7 seconds to my timer.

Would it be possible to give more time if all of the accents are used? I think that giving just +8 or +9 seconds for using all of the accents in a sentence would make people like me more likely to use accents when doing this.

September 15, 2013



Good idea, IMO. It meets other propositions around this topic (e.g. http://www.duolingo.com/comment/818852, in the comments)


I feel like a fool. Because I knew it doesn't mark you wrong for not using accents but it never occurred to me to do that for timed practise. Getting those accents is one of the main things that kills me in timed practise.


I completely agree! I really need some encouragement to use them. Also, I think that more encouragement is needed for the use of accents in non-timed practice as well. Like for example 1 or 2 more coins for getting all accents correct at the end of the lesson

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