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  5. "The horse eats an apple."

"The horse eats an apple."

Translation:Hesten spiser et æble.

April 22, 2015



My father told me if you see a word ending with "en" put "en" in the beginning example, "bogen" you need to put "en bog" but if it is "æble" put "et" because the apple is ending with (et) like (æblet) and the book is ending with (en) like (bogen), so it is easy to remember if you need to put example (bog) is it "en" or "et" you need to say (en) for an apple is (et). Thanks i i think it helped you.


I put 'Hesten spiser en aeble' but it's not correct. How do I know if I have to put 'et' or 'en'?


I always try to memorize "the word." Æblet, hesten, bogen. That way I generally know what an will be. Easier than learning en hund.


Unfortunately, you'll just have to memorize it. There are some rules, for example people and words with -hed, -ing, and -else are almost always en. But there are also exceptions, some of which you might have met (et barn, et værelse). This or this might be helpful. Best of luck!


Oh my gosh, the first one says that the horse eats a girl o.o

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