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  5. "Rengarenk bir kaplumbağa."

"Rengarenk bir kaplumbağa."

Translation:A colorful turtle.

April 22, 2015



Rangarenk is persian word. Rang means color and it is rango va rang and the combination is rangarang and in turkey it is rangarenk


That is very interesting, I like that explaination. :)


Do U speak farsi? I ask, because farsi course is absent on duolingo . And I wish learn persian here(i havent found any good apps for learning this language).


How is rengarenk formed? I think I've only learned renkler/renkli so far (and can probably say renksiz?).

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Yes, I was wondering too. It is obviously renk + a + renk, with the first 'k' harmonized into 'g', but does it have a specific literal meaning in English? :-)

Or is the 'a' just a connecting vowel? I know there are languages where a word simply is doubled to express a superlative...


Turkish is not a language like that (in fact, repetition is used to make adverbs sometimes). Apparently, this is a Farsi loan word :)


Yes. That's my native language. :D

"warna-warni" means colorful. This one is rhythmic repetition. :D


Sometimes what looks like a simple phrase is translated as a statement about some 3rd party. Why cannot this one be "it is a colorful turtle"?


It is a missing alternative. You should report it in the future :)


I don't understand what you mean. Is there some corrections option? But I wouldn't have the confidence to report a missing option. Usually there's an explanation. Thanks for all the work you do, Alex.


Does "Bir kaplumbağa rengarenk." mean "A turtle is colourful"?


Does kaplumbaga mean both turtle and tortoise? Is there any way to differentiate?


Nm, I googled it! I just noticed I'd answered with "tortoise" to a kamplumbaga question and been marked correct, but according to Google translate tortoise is actually tosbaga.


I always paint my turtle to make it colorful))

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