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The jingle volume

Hi, DL team.

I really appreciate your application and effort devoted so deeply in helping others study languages! If I may however ask you a little favour, would it be possible to decrease volume in both jingles, first when finishing an exercise, the second when you get a full strength bar in a topic? Every time I practise I feel literary attacked by the sound intensity which I feel inappropriately loud comparing to the exercise voice.

Thank you a lot! Jan

April 22, 2015



You can turn off the sound effects if you don't like them.

[deactivated user]

    I think you can decrease volume by decreasing length, width, and depth. Jk, but I think you can decrease it by decreasing your general volume. If you are using an apple product, just lower the volume of the sound. Or, you can just change the settings, and not let the jingles be heard. Hope this helps!


    Thank you all, turning off the effects helped. :-D

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