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Gender in vocabulary

It would really be nice if this was returned. Many, many people have asked about it, but there is still no gender designation in the vocabulary lists. It has been months since I first asked, was told there would be updates, but still nothing. Please bring this back. Thank you.

September 15, 2013



Yeah that would be easier


Are you asking to bring the discussion back or are you saying that at one time there was actually a gender designation in the vocabulary main page (if so why did they take it out)?


No, about four or five months ago the gender labels were in the vocabulary lists. For example, if you went to see the whole list of words for the section on occupations, the gender was next to the word for the entire list. You wouldn't have to click each word to see what the gender was. Made it a lot easier to refresh my memory. I have no idea why it was taken out.


Well I've been wanting that pretty much since I discovered the vocab section in the beginning. It be interesting to know why they took it out?


Are you sure? I've been using the site daily since January, and don't recall ever seeing gender designations included in the vocab list, only on the word's detail page. Perhaps it was displayed to some subset of users as a test (this is typical of DL's testing practices) and not adopted? I also peruse the discussion section daily, and I would expect have seen a lot of negative feedback here if a popular, highly requested feature like this were implemented only to suddenly disappear.


I'm sure. Maybe it's because I'm studying German? I've seen this request in the regular discussion and in the German forum. I've also been on duolingo since January 2013, and this feature went away sometime in April, approximately. Here's one of the more recent requests from the German forum: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/495403


I know that it's a highly requested feature. That was part of my point. If it was actually live for a time, I suspect that it was either language specific or it was part of a test and available to only a portion of the user base. I lean towards the latter given the lack of outcry over its removal.


Well, this is the last word on it from an admin: kristinemc 15631

Thanks for the feedback on this. We've heard this from a number of community members. Adding gender to the vocab view is something we're considering adding back. Appreciate the suggestion. Thank you! 2 Reply•4 months ago

It seems like something basic that should be across the board. I wasn't aware none of the other languages ever had the feature. No indication it was just for a test.


how about colour coding words ie: red feminine, blue masculine


great idea! Although for German, it would be red, blue, and black? (Male, Female, and Neuter). I hope somebody at Duolingo is reading this!


Black, red, and gold.


I saw the suggestion of colour coding words according to gender. I think that would be a great addition to add to the Vocab lists


I am a new comer for duolingo but I find it very interesting the way it teaches. I am learning French.


I see this message was posted 2 years ago but I have been thinking the same thing as I study French now. Having vocabulary lists that include gender would be immensely helpful.

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