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suggestion: selfcreated practice-sessions

what about an option where i can choose the vocab for practice myself, so i can create my own practice-session?

this is meant only in addition, not to replace the current system :)

September 15, 2013



I really would like to see something like this. I suggested this too in the Hackathon thread when it was opened.


let´s hope continued nagging helps implementing this :)


I like this idea. I'd like to see something like this implemented, possibly using vocab words (of one's own choosing) which are least-practised or "overdue" for refresh (which the site's algorithms say are the weakest), or those which accumulate the greatest number of errors in the exercises/ practices.

Possibly instead of (or accompanying) the "review flashcards" option in the "Words" section, we could have a "practise weakest words", with a lingot-purchased option to choose which words you practise. To prevent people gaining the system and only practising strong words, perhaps the weaker the words, the greater the XP gain.


you can do that already by clicking on the word in the vocab section and clicking practice! :)


yes, exactly like that, thanks for pointing this out :) but there you can only practice one word at a time, not as a bunch... well, for now i try it this way, would still be great if we could create our own, bigger sessions :)


rephrased suggestion

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