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suggestion: selfcreated practice-sessions

what about an option where i can choose the vocab for practice myself, so i can create my own practice-session?

this is meant only in addition, not to replace the current system :)

September 15, 2013



I really would like to see something like this. I suggested this too in the Hackathon thread when it was opened.


let´s hope continued nagging helps implementing this :)


I like this idea. I'd like to see something like this implemented, possibly using vocab words (of one's own choosing) which are least-practised or "overdue" for refresh (which the site's algorithms say are the weakest), or those which accumulate the greatest number of errors in the exercises/ practices.

Possibly instead of (or accompanying) the "review flashcards" option in the "Words" section, we could have a "practise weakest words", with a lingot-purchased option to choose which words you practise. To prevent people gaining the system and only practising strong words, perhaps the weaker the words, the greater the XP gain.

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you can do that already by clicking on the word in the vocab section and clicking practice! :)


yes, exactly like that, thanks for pointing this out :) but there you can only practice one word at a time, not as a bunch... well, for now i try it this way, would still be great if we could create our own, bigger sessions :)


rephrased suggestion

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