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  5. "Das ist die Summe."

"Das ist die Summe."

Translation:That is the sum.

December 22, 2012


[deactivated user]

    I find it hard to distinguish in sound Sonne and Summe.


    Even when I played the slow audio in headphones, it sounded more like "Sonne" rather than "Summe".


    why is "that is the total" not correct? what is the distinction between total and sum?


    Well, mathematically sum is the result of the addition, while total of both addition and subtraction; i.e. a sum is a total but a total is not necessarily a sum. And as a word sum has meanings that total doesn't, like an amount of money.


    I put 'That is the total' and it was correct.


    I thought "this is the sum" would be "dieses ist die Summe" - but "Das ist die Summe" is a correct translation as well?


    You can say "Dies ist..." instead of "Das ist...", but "Das" is commonly used for both "this" and "that". They are both stand alone, do not have a noun. When you use "dieser/diese/dieses", there must be a noun after that, like "diese Tasche ist rot" (this bag is red).


    Not an error but an observation: I have only ever heard the German phrase that must be typed. Unlike other sentences, it does not appear as a German phrase to be translated to English or and English phrase to be translated to German. Could be it's randomized and it's the luck of the draw, but for every other phrase I see the other practice types.


    helpful math terms to know when to do what...

    Multiplication: and; also

    Division: A fraction of; by

    Subtraction: without; less

    Addition: plus; with

    There are definitely more, but these are just the ones I know off the top of my head.

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