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Twitter game: #therevolutionwillbetranslated

I enjoy Duolingo, and I really like promoting it to my friends. I had a lesson today in German that included a gem of a phrase. So I imagined who might say it or what epitaph that phrase might enjoy. I tweeted it. And it happened again a short time later.

I think it could be a fun game, or at least playful fun with a hashtag. So I am sharing it with you.

Here are two examples:

Gemeinsam sind wir stark! (Raising the proletariat via @duolingo) #therevolutionwillbetranslated


"¿Cuál es tu pregunta?" (Future White House Press Secretary @duolingo) #therevolutionwillbetranslated

If you like rules when you play: 1) Do a Duolingo lesson or test. 2) If you see a phrase you want to play with, decide who might say it or what epitaph could go with the phrase. 3) Tweet that as follows: Phrase (Who/Epitaph @duolingo) #therevolutionwillbetranslated

If the game annoys @duolingo, and we should be sensitive to that, then leave them out of the tweets. But then Duolingo is a bird, so a tweet seems perfeckt, parfait, etc.

The nice thing about Twitter is that we'll know if a significant number of people are playing this game because the hashtag would trend. Some people may even start studying at Duolingo as a result. And at worst, you're exercising a few more brain cells.


September 15, 2013


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