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Typo parachute.

No one likes a typo that costs them a heart. Not in the real world, and not in Duolingo.

Thankfully, Duolingo recognizes most of our typos and turns them into learning opportunities.

But sometimes, we just crash and burn on a typo. Here's where the "store" could really help. If you make a lot of typos, like me, you could use your lingots to buy a typo-parachute.

"Why is this idea better than a heart-refill?" Because, Debbie Downer, the parachute actually gives Duolingo information that teaches them more about users, more about typists, and much more than a heart-refill. (Not knocking them, but it's true.)

Here's how a parachute would work. Currently, Duolingo catches most typos. And when it does not, splat, you have a broken heart.

If you have bought a parachute, and it's up to Duolingo whether that would be an expensive reusable parachute or a one-off, then when Duolingo thinks you've crashed, you could use the parachute. It's different in that one, by using the parachute you'd be claiming that you had simply mistyped...

Hmmm. That is a problem. I guess it would only work if Duolingo were capable of judging user-honesty. Honest users reporting typos that Duolingo had not caught would help Duolingo catch those in the future. But not all users may report typos honestly if it saves them in a drill.

Que sera sera. So maybe good enough if the list of "problems" that users could report would include "typo." I'm guessing it happens often enough that user data would help Duolingo learn more about the typos that are being made.

Not exactly a parachute for any individual, but might save the species! ;)

September 15, 2013



Disagree with the parachute (honesty reason but not only), but clearly agree with the "typo report".

And maybe it'll be not necessary (the parachute, not the report typo thing!) since Duo is implementing (test with some German learners) a "redo"/"correct yourself" thing. So if you have a typo Duo will ask you to correct yourself without (I hope) saying where is the error, so you'll have to find it and if a typo you'll find it quickly.


Great! But wouldn't that test-feature still be dependent on the ability of Duolingo to gauge typos? Or are you saying every incorrect answer is getting a do-over of sorts in the test?


I don't know what form they have given to it (I'm no one of the testing users), but I imagine that it's only that when you currently have a "it's wrong" or "it's almost correct, look at your little errors (accents for example) and typo" then with this knew feature you'll have "try to correct your answer which has some errors". So more likely, I imagine, your second option.


I also realized why I might not use "heart refills" in the future: it's a gamble, and I don't make wagers. Not even with virtual currencies like Lingots.

If I am right, you cannot use a heart refill after you've lost, right? You have to gamble that you may need an extra heart? If I am wrong, please let me know. :) I already used one refill and bought another before I realized the gamble. Quel dommage.

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