"Kediler sütü içiyor mu?"

Translation:Are the cats drinking the milk?

April 22, 2015



My english very bad. Firstly sorry. Mu is a special add. When you see the "mu" over the sentence, this is a question. If we do not use "mu", the sentence is mean change. Kediler süt içiyor=the cats are drink milk.

July 15, 2015


İ think the sound of the mu is not good enough

April 22, 2015


"mu" is good. "sütü" is bad actually.

April 22, 2015


so how should the sutu (wrong keyboard) sound? should it be more like S(you)T(you)?

April 30, 2015


The second "ü" is barely audible in the audio. The accusative suffix is too faint.

April 30, 2015


It got me too. I didn't really hear -ü in normal speech, so I wrote "Kediler süt içiyor mu?" Thank god it accepted ^^

July 5, 2015


It should sound like sootoo.

July 17, 2017


I have had a question in my mind for about a year ,and that is ,how is this pronunciation of a question sentence that has no questioning pronounce .it does not show that some one is asking something ,it sounds like it is saying something . Is it becouse of the audio or it is what it has to be .even in conversations that we listen in the films ,i have this problem . Am i right or not .

April 8, 2019


You don't need to change your voice to show the question. The mu at the end already shows that it's a question.

April 25, 2019


Can't this be are the cats drinking milk?

January 24, 2018


Can 'the' be omitted

April 17, 2018
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