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New language

Are making any new language

September 15, 2013

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I'd really LOVE to learn an Asian language. Either Korean, Chinese, or Japanese


Thank you very much! I'm soo excited. If and when I become moderately fluent in Japanese I'll do an internship in Japan


I'd love to contribute to a Japanese course for Duolingo however, as a native speaker, it would be difficult to explain why words/particles/verbs/etc goes here and there...


what abt adding swahili language from my country Tanzania,it is really nice and enjoyable.think abt it


Read Brice's post.


One problem for Duolingo with adding an East-Asian language (such as Mandarin, Japanese, etc) is that languages like those take so much studying and immersion. It would be very difficult to offer an effective course through a phone or even computer. Those languages take years to know even the basics, at least when writing is accounted.


Not really, a friend of mine is a professor of Chinese and Japanese languages. We just talked about it, a day ago. It takes about 8-9 months, up to an year to master a language like that, if you are up to it (for like 2-3 hours a day - depending on the environment )


To complete Brice's comment.
For your question you can search, for example, "New Language" (with guillement) or new AND language (with capital AND) in the search function.

Look for "How do I use the search engine of the discussions page?" here http://www.duolingo.com/comment/781395 to know how to make accurate searchs.


I would personally love to see Russian, Swedish, and Polish! Sadly, I'm not sure how quickly Polish would be added, but Russian and Swedish are viable possibilities! I really hope they are included soon! Great work, Duolingo!


Hey guys, I might have friends that can help mixing the languages. Like French-German or stuff like that... Plus adding 2 other languages : Greek and Bulgarian. If the Admins are interested, please text me so I can see if I am able to push the start of this.


use the search before you post 1. no new language announced 2. ongoing work for allowing users to add languages themselves 3. something new will come up on october 9th http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/7919/5tei.jpg


I think it might be japanese because of the background flag?


Except, as far as I know, it's not the official image - which is http://i.imgur.com/kiVGw0Y.png - but seems to be the Brice's avatar/propaganda for adding japanese. ;)

See: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/782462


haha sorry.... the ambiguity was totally intentional ;P

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