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Why am I ONLY getting exercises to translate from german to english?

For the last couple of days I've noticed that whenever I practice or learn a new skill, I only translate from german to english and not the other way around. Is this new/normal? I personally prefer the other way around, since it is more difficult to remember the german word when I don't see it and thus I feel I practice more by trying to recall the german word. I don't mind having both exercises, but just one? Does anyone else have the same problem?

April 23, 2015



Hmmm, I've never had that problem - I hope to never have it because I agree with you that it's more challenging to translate into the language you are learning.

My lessons seem to follow a certain format of starting with translating from German to English, followed by a listening exercise or multiple choice and then finish with translating from English to German.

Is this only in your new skills? Is it the same if you were to go back to a much earlier skill? If it's just for the new skill, maybe it's to give you a chance to learn it and will become more difficult in future? I'm unsure... Sorry...


Well I usually practice one old skill, one recently learned skill and do a general practice. For all of the lessons I rarely (I just got a simple noun translation) get a sentence translation from english to german, and I mean it only for the exercises where you get a long sentence and need to manually translate. This started to happen about a week ago and I am getting a little annoyed since it seems too easy to pass the lessons :S


This will probably not be the least bit helpful seeing as I don't know how to fix the actual problem - other than to hope it sorts itself out soon...

BUT have you tried the reverse tree? I started mine a few days ago. Not only does it teach you some new phrases and vocabulary, it also puts a lot more emphasis into translating from English into German as the course assumes you speak German and are learning English.

I personally find it slightly more challenging as there's no emphasis put on the gender of the words, but you'll still be marked as incorrect if you slip up. It forces me to actively think of the gender and cases for myself.


Yeah, I also thought it would be a good idea, but I'd like to finish the current tree first and then get to that reverse tree. I also thought I might do the Spanish to German tree, since spanish is my native language, but the course was not available when I started :/


English isn't your native language?? I couldn't tell.

I was going to wait until I had finished my tree before doing the reverse tree too. I just got it into my head to try it the other day. The skills are structured in a similar way but the sentences to translate progress in difficulty faster as they introduce compound sentences much earlier on.

Good luck with it either way, I hope your problem sorts itself out!


I've learned it since I was little, funny thing is, I have the feeling I've been forgetting it as I learn german... I hope not though.

Thank you for the tips, I think I'll go on and start with the reverse tree then.


I have kind of had that problem with Turkish but I'm sure it's just a random thing.

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