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"We eat a completely other thing."

Translation:Ithimid rud eile ar fad.

April 23, 2015



This seems a little awkward in English - could someone think of a context where this might be a natural-sounding answer?


I’d prefer “We eat another thing entirely” as a translation of this sentence. Given that, here’s my attempt at context:

Visitor from the Andromeda galaxy: “For dessert, we’re quite fond of mercury-coated lithium. How about you?”

Earthling: “We eat another thing entirely. Mercury and lithium are both poisonous to us.”


Thank you. The "a complete other thing" sounds so unnatural. I like the sound of your phrase; and I guess, "we eat a completely different thing" might also work?


The FGB has “a different story altogether” for scéal eile ar fad, so there’s probably enough flexibility to use “different” for this particular use of eile.

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