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"Does she earn money every day?"

Translation:An dtuilleann sí airgead gach lá?

April 23, 2015



Why does this 'an' trigger eclipsis, but the 'an' in 'an tuismitheoir' doesn't? Are they different 'an's because one is the interrogative particle while the other is an article?


Yes, they’re different words representing different parts of speech, but they have the same spelling.


I can't seem to wrap my head around the AN and the NA.


There’s more than one an word. The an vs. na distinction exists for the translation of ”the”; na is used with plural nouns and singular genitive feminine nouns, and an is used with all other singular nouns. This an is an interrogative verbal particle; it is used to begin a question with most verbs that aren’t in the past indicative, as well as with six irregular verbs in the past indicative (viz abair, , déan, faigh, feic, and téigh).


Gach. Interchangeable with Chuile?


Yes — chuile is a shortened form of gach uile.


As well as (depending on dialect), achan, chaon, gach aon


Ok, so if you begin a question that translates into English as "does," you add the "an?" I thought "an" meant "the," clarification please?


There is more than one Irish an word. The an in this exercise is an interrogative verbal particle that’s different from the definite article.

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