"Drink a cold beer!"

Translation:Soğuk bir bira iç!

April 23, 2015

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I don't understand why I need 'bir' in this sentence. In the sentences we had earlier 'bir' was always optional.


I think it's because there's an adjective involved. If the sentence were just "Drink a beer!", then "bir" would be optional.


i read elsewhere: "gazete oku" = read a newspaper. If: "i read an old book" , the same as "i drink a cold beer" will be: "eski bir kitap okurum", i read an old book, i think. Perhaps, because it implies that "I read only one book or drink only one beer at the ame time".


I think it's optional in all cases. Soğuk bira iç. Eski kitap okurum. etc. You can't really go wrong.


I think English speakers have a hard time grasping the concept of "bir". "Bir" means "one", which in many languages is also the singular indefinite article. "Have one cold beer" is not that different from "have a cold beer". Just try to use it as a synonym for these instances.


Actually bir can be used in many different ways like bir can be used in a or one


I'm not sure I understand the logic to the sentence structure.


Which part seems hard to you?

The Turkish sentence goes: [Cold a beer drink.]


Yes, the words are clear but I am looking for more of an explanation on how you come to put them in that order. I will just hunt down grammar structure information.


"Drink a cold beer"

Drink: verb

A: number/article

Beer: object.

In Turkish, the order is: Subject - Object - Verb.

In this case, we have no subject present, so we'll start from the "object", which is "beer".

The article always goes together with the noun, so: "a beer".

We also have an adjective: "cold", but it can't come between the article and the noun, because those two are inseparable in Turkish. So: "cold a beer".

Finally, we have to put the verb: "drink". It's "içmek" in Turkish, but this is the infinitive form, and we need the imperative mood. It's enough to just get rid of the infinitive -mek to get the imperative form: "İç-".

Drink a cold beer → Cold a beer drink → Soğuk bir bira iç.

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So much clearer now, thanks! I hadn't worked out that the article and noun are inseparable, so the order seemed...strange! Have a lingot and my thanks :D


Very informative answer, teşekkür ederim. My question: is this a more formal/proper way of speaking? Or would it be said like this on day-to-day/informal conversation as well?


It is very much said like this on a day-to-day basis as well. The other way is generally not used, unless you are really stressing the number one (like, ONE cold beer, and two warm ones, bir soguk bira ve iki ilik bira)


Thanks for a great explanation. Does the adjective always preceed the noun?


Yes, all modifiers (adjectives/adverbs) will come before the thing they are modifying (noun/verb/another modifier).


Fantastic explanation. Thank you!


Can't we say "bir soğuk bira iç"?


No, in turkish the article and the noun go together and usually the adjective goes before. There is a very good explanation above


Soğuk bira iç, was accepted 9/2/2022.


"Bir soğuk bira iç ", why not?


OO4N4, no you can't. In Turkish, the article "bir"="an" is always between the adjective and the noun, between "soğuk" and "bira".


That would mean "Drink one cold beer!" When you lead with the number, it is a quantity instead of an article.


do you mean why both "bira iç" and "bira için" are suggested? the second one is plural and/or formal


Im confused about when it's bira içer and when bira iç.


johnLongin, "bira içer"="he drinks beer" while "bira iç!"="drink beer!", at the imperative tense. have a look to that website :https://www.verbix.com/languages/turkish.html. you shall have all the verb at any tense. Perhaps not exhaustive...


Why bira not şarap?


Alaa, because "şarap" means wine!


Even if i have to put "bir" it should be at the beginning not between both words


Eng.jihad, you shall read, all along the Turkish course, that "bir" is put after the adjective, so between the adjective and the noun.


Tips please how to use. Iç , içerim, içeriz


erica, look at this video in English about present tense in Turkish, very clear: http://turkishbasics.com/verbs/present-simple-tense.php. Or this one, my favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWDTut-6iUY. Hope you can access to them!


Can Someone please tell me why here its iç and not içer ? Please explain


Make sure to read the other questions and answers in the discussion before posting. Your question has already been answered.


Ayni seyi dedim bende bir soğuk bira iç yok yanlismis ic bir soğuk bira ayni şeyi değil mi


Bu kursta devrik cümle kabul etmeyiz.

We do not accept inverted sentence in this course.


your phrase in Turkish means 'have a cold beer...bir soguk bira ic - is drink a cold beer

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