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  5. "Jeg er i gang med at betale."

"Jeg er i gang med at betale."

Translation:I am paying.

April 23, 2015



why not "I am about to pay" ?


That would be "Jeg skal til at betale", for example. "I gang", means you are in the act of paying


Could this be said about a future action, for example informing your dining companions that you will pay for everyone?


"Jeg er i gang med at betale"/"jeg skal til at betale" would never be used to tell others that you will pay for them. Instead, you would simply say "jeg betaler" (I pay) or "jeg giver" (I give / it's on me).

I hope this helped you :)


This question pops up but at no point before this do you work with, i gang, med, or at and I have no clue what's being conveyed.


This is true - it has suddenly appeared and is much more complicated then all the other verbs!!!


If i were in Denmark and told my friend "Jer er betaler" would they understand?


The trouble is that English usually uses the progressive -ing form as the regular present tense. In contrast, if you really want to emphasize that you are paying RIGHT NOW (as I believe the Danish sentence does) you would need to say "I am in the middle of paying."


Haha, I remember this sentence from the first duo lessons, it was a nightmare to translate because back then there was no concept of "to be" and progressive actions yet, so "i gang med at" was complete jibberish... But know I laugh in your face, complex sentence! Not so tough know, yeah!


This casts some light on this as they were my thoughts exactly- where has that! come from!!!


I gang med at? Whats this all about please some one help me

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