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Happy Children's Day

Today is "Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı" literally "The Holiday of National Sovereignty and Children in Turkey.

It is a public holiday and there are celebrations going on everywhere. Children have dance performances in schools as well as in stadiums. There is also a festival organized by TRT where children from several countries come to Turkey and stay with Turkish families and also perform traditional dances. When I was 8, we also had the chance to host 2 Egyptian pupils. It was a great experience- we couldn't speak a common language but we had a lot of fun together. There are no language barriers for children!

Let's finish with a song

April 23, 2015



Thanks. It's nice to learn about the culture and not just the language.


That is a cool holiday to have. Also, being able to pick the date and a few other words out of the song video made me really happy. This course hasn't been open for that long & I'm not that far through the tree, but I recognized things sung by (I assume) an actual native Turkish speaker!


thanks dude ; ) :0


im soooooooooo following this discussion !!!!)


That is really cool! The song is really nice too! That must have taken a lot of editing!

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