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repetitive questions in lessons

Has anyone else noticed this? Quite frequently a single lesson will focus on very few words or sentences and just repeat them multiple times in different question types and translation directions. I know that repetition is important for learning but I don't think this behaviour is intended as other vocabulary of this lesson gets neglected completely. So I would recommend some kind of mechanism to prevent the exact same sentence from occuring too often in one lesson (regardless of question type and translation direction)

April 23, 2015



Thanks chrisbeeganas! If anyone is experiencing this, it would be great if they could give us some more details, such as the course direction (e.g. French from English), skill name (e.g. BASICS1/1) and whether it is a lesson or practice (=strengthen feature). In this way, we will be able to reproduce the issue and look into more. Thanks!


Hi hideki, I give you an example from just now. I'm learning Spanish from English (level 11 atm) and this was the content of one "Strengthen skills" session (I've included the type of lesson at the beginning):

TRANS: el polvo TRANS: the machine TRANS: the battery TRANS: ella es aun mas bonita TRANS: it is a large territory TRANS: the powder TRANS: es un territorio grande CHOICE: the penguin is in a large territory TRANS: the territory HEAR: es un territorio grande TRANS: el territorio TRANS: el pinguino esta en un territorio grande HEAR: el territorio HEAR: el pinguino esta en un territorio grande TRANS: the machine TRANS: the penguin is in a large territory TRANS: that car has no battery HEAR: el polvo TRANS: she is even more beautiful TRANS: i want a battery for my car

I don't know, maybe you could introduce some kind of distance/similarity metric into your system that helps to identify and block similar sentences (at least for the "strengthen skills" section which should be quite broad by definition).

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