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  5. "Onun soruları, lütfen."

"Onun soruları, lütfen."

Translation:His questions, please.

April 23, 2015



I dont understand what "his questions, please" means in English. There is only one context I might hear it, and that would be in a press conference. Maybe other vocabularly words would work better in this sentence structure.


supose you're a turkish detective interrogating a suspect, your partner screams at him specific questions, but you are the good cop so you just say "Onun soruları, lütfen."


If you are a teacher and everyone is asking you or talking you can use it to listen on of them


Dana Ng, I am a native English speaker and I agree with you completely. Please let us know how you would use this sentence in context in Turkish as it doesn't make much sense in English.


She already gave the context :) Also, if everyone has to contribute a few questions to ask a speaker or to make a test, you can ask for "his questions, please." :)


The confusion came as I have higher expectations from Duo. My experience so far is that Duo generally uses more relevant contexts and tries to give words and phrases of things that you may use more readily. I was hoping that this would be the case here and that I must be missing something. As it is isn't this time, might I suggest using 'Your question please'. This is still not a common phrase but it would be more practical. It helps a student to learn if what is being learnt is useful to them. I can appreciate that this phrase could be useful to someone at sometime, but I doubt if that would apply to your greater audience. Thank you for taking the time to answer promptly and for clarifying things, that is appreciated.


Agreed 100%, this Turkish course has very strange and impractical sentences. It doesn't boost motivation.


This is a senseless example sentence.


sorulari is in accusative case? if yes, why?


No, it's third person possessive ending.


"their" should be accepted as a placeholder for his or her. it is a more appropriate translation of the gender-unspecified turkish pronoun. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singular_they


What us wrong with "His questions please"


Cant write " his questions , pleas" ?


Same question? Somebody to answer!


Does "he has questions, please" work


Why is "her" wrong here


My mistake: i wrote question in singular.


Why soruları and not sorular ??


Why it is sorulari. Why can't it be sorular


Wish I could hear your questions better. Sorulari is most indistinct.


I agree, the ending sounds nothing like the word as printed

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