Accidental Zoom

I seem to have accidentally and permanently zoomed in on the Duolingo page. It was something to do with pressing ctrl and 0, but I can't seem to undo it. It's not to do with the internet page in general, it still thinks it is at 100%, so it must be a function of Duolingo; does anybody know how to reverse it? It's annoying, now I only get a couple of lessons to a page and have to scroll down for ages and ages to get anywhere, also I keep having to scroll from side to side to see the question and the answer boxes.


April 23, 2015


Have you tried holding Control and zooming out by scrolling your mouse wheel downwards? Or clearing the browser cache?

Ctrl+0 is supposed to reset the zoom to its default, which isn't necessarily 100%, but if the site says it's at 100% while obviously being zoomed in then something's not quite right.

Does control-minus reduce the page size?

If you close your browser tab and open Duolingo in a new tab does that help?

Does it help to close and reopen your browser?

Ctrl-minus does reduce the page-size, I assumed it wouldn't stay like that when I closed it though. As it turns out, it does, so problem solved. I suppose it must have been zoomed out all the time, and pressing Ctrl-0 reset the zoom to 100% like Deliciae has said, which I just wasn't used to. Thank you both!


I have the same problem. Did someone find a solution?

I came to the conclusion that actually I was just zoomed out before, and had just reset it to default by pressing control + 0. Simplest solution is just to zoom out again, press control and minus.

This happens a lot.

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