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  5. "Both of my shoes are pink."

"Both of my shoes are pink."

Translation:Begge mine sko er lyserøde.

April 23, 2015



Begge / både?


'både' is when you want to mention multiple items: Begge mine sko er lyserøde, både den højre og den venstre

I hope this makes any sense


I'm still confused are you saying that både is used when talking about specific different items while begge is not specified but still multiple items?


You use 'både' if you talk about two distinct, different items or sets of items. "Både æbler og appelsiner er frugter." ('både' always needs an 'og' following)

'Begge' is used if you mention only one thing of which you have two. "Begge æbler er røde." (you have two apples)

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