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"It has never been about to happen."

Translation:Det har aldrig været ved at ske.

April 23, 2015



I do not understand both sentences. What is meant here? And why is "ved" needed?


Ved translates to "about to" , Det (it) har (has) aldrig (never) været (been) ved at (about to) ske (happen) . This is the only sentence in this module that I've actually been able to get right.


Does anyone have a good reference on sentence construction (example where to place adverbs) with these types of verbs?


This sentence is wrong in English and I suppose it is wrong in Danish. "It was never meant to happen", "it should not have happened", "it was not meant to happen".... all of these forms I suspect need a different Danish sentence as well... BUT this construction is simple nonsense!


So I was given this answer "Det har aldrig været ved at ske" on my first turn and now this answer is no longer correct??? And it should be "Det har aldrig været ved at ske".??? It is exactly the same answer and now it is marked wrong! I feel fooled!


WHAT THE HELL??? Till now, the translation was "Det var ikke været ved at ske" - now 10 minutes later it is "Det var aldrig været ved at ske"... WHAT is the change and why???


Although this sentence still makes no sense, I wrote it down to be rid of it. But I would still like an explanation because it hate it that it makes no sense to me!

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