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Pause Button in Timed Practice

I was on question 19/20, just about to have a perfect score when I had a question about the answer. I scrolled down through the Discussion and had many helpful answers. But then all of a sudden, the page goes to: Time's Up, You got 19 out of 20 answers correct! It wasn't that bad because I still strengthened the skill and all of that, but it still would be an awesome feature to have the clock stop after you have answered the question?

I know others feel the same way as I do from the posts that others have made suggesting this. It shouldn't be that hard to implement, right? It's just a suggestion. Maybe this will be the post that encourages Duolingo to change it.

A Happy Citizen of the Duopshere, -Josh

April 23, 2015



I agree. When you have answered a question the clock keeps ticking between answering a question and going to the next question and this seems to me a mistake.


I'm a little bit annoyed that people always say this. But what is even more annoying that is the a post requesting the SAME EXACT thing has been on the top of the "Duolingo in English" board for a entire YEAR or even more. I'm disappointed that after all that time, the staff still hasn't fixed it yet. It's such a simple feature!


If you go to the Duolingo wiki, you will find a lot of user scripts that you can use for Chrome of Mozilla Firefox. There is one for pausing after you answer the question that I find to be really helpful!

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