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  5. "O cachorro come ali."

"O cachorro come ali."

Translation:The dog eats there.

September 15, 2013



Ali = there (near)

Lá = there (far) / over there


You can think like this:

Aqui = here (near the person who is talking - 1st person)

Aí = there (near the person with whom you're talking - 2nd person)

Lá = there (near the person or thing or place of which the first and the second people are talking - 3rd person)

Ali = there / over there (near the first and the second person - 1st person plural)


PS: "ali" neither too near, nor too far. It's a short distance.


If it has an "l", it's not nearby. Aqui and ai are near while ali and la are not. And la can be really far, like in la-la-land.


ali is an adverb...?

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