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  5. "O cachorro come ali."

"O cachorro come ali."

Translation:The dog eats there.

September 15, 2013



Ali = there (near)

Lá = there (far) / over there


You can think like this:

Aqui = here (near the person who is talking - 1st person)

Aí = there (near the person with whom you're talking - 2nd person)

Lá = there (near the person or thing or place of which the first and the second people are talking - 3rd person)

Ali = there / over there (near the first and the second person - 1st person plural)


PS: "ali" neither too near, nor too far. It's a short distance.

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How about "por ali" ? Like in the sentence "O parque é por ali"? Does "O cachorro come por ali" mean the same as ""O cachorro come ali."?


Por ali means "around there"


If it has an "l", it's not nearby. Aqui and ai are near while ali and la are not. And la can be really far, like in la-la-land.


ali is an adverb...?


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