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  5. "The shoe is wet."

"The shoe is wet."

Translation:O sapato está úmido.

September 15, 2013



Why could not be "molhado" instead of "úmido" ?

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Actually that would be the most accurate translation in this case. "O sapato está úmido" should be "the shoe is damp".


Accepted as of June 2020


Once more there is an issue with the words proposed in "hint". So frustrating! How do you want us to learn with Duolingo?


Well, to my opinion, Duolingo and the Portuguese course are good enough to learn a lot. It is a free tool, and the courses are build by volunteers. I see these imperfections as a chance for me to contribute to Duolingo too. Many of my suggestions already have been accepted into the course, which motivates me to keep on giving feedback.


"o sapato e úmido" was marked wrong... i thought e and está were for permanent and non permanent states. i suppose the door could be permanently wet, but why can't it be temporarily wet?


e = and é = it is

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