Suggestion for improvement

Duolingo is a great platform and makes learning really easy. I can make basic conversations in Danish because of Duolingo and it feels great! As great as it is, I see space for improvement. The further lessons should try to involve more words from past lessons. What I see is a repetitive use of basic words such as "Pige, kvinde, man, dreng, kjole, skjorte [...]". I do think it should try to use more words from past lessons - not only nouns but also phrasal verbs and expressoins. This would make us not forget words so often and should reduce the time wasted going back "strengthening" the vocabulary - since it would be done automatically every new lesson.

3 years ago

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I have the same feeling. At this point it's getting harder for me to remember some words and I think they should appear more in each lessons. By the way, moderators can still change these?

3 years ago

I don't think they can. But maybe they can help passing the suggestion along.

3 years ago
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