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"She reads the difficult newspapers."

Translation:Léann sí na nuachtáin dheacra.

April 23, 2015



I'm not exactly sure why it's deacra or deacair... I keep writing dheacair/deacair... but no idea when to use deacra.


Irish adjectives generally have both singular and plural forms. Deacair is used with a singular noun: An cheist dheacair. Deacra is used with a plural noun: Na ceisteanna deacra.


Why is deacra lenited here?

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Because the plural noun that it qualifies ends in a slender consonant.



I still have no concept of what genetive is, or what it even means as a word. I despair of ever sorting it out.


It might help if you first look at how the genitive is used in your mother-tongue, before struggling with the use in Irish (the basic function is similar).


Is it AN when singular and NA when plural? I know I've asked this in a separate post, but I just can't seem to get the AN and the NA. :(


yes in the nominative and accusative cases

Edit: Na is sometimes singular in the genitive (with feminine words)


Try using muscle memory: write in longhand on a sheet of paper twenty times “singular: an”. Turn the sheet over and write twenty times “plural: na”. Turn it over again, and in a second column write twenty more times “singular: an”. Turn it over once more, and in a second column write twenty more times “plural: na”. See if that helps you to get it.


This also breaks the DeNTaLS rule and so I believe an either or attitude should be taken to answers.


That rule is not broken here; it doesn’t apply to the lenition of attributive adjectives qualifying a plural noun that ends with a slender consonant. (The only exception in this case is caoirigh, for which attributive adjectives aren’t lenited.)


This is a real good learning thread for me. And as my head is wrecked trying to figure all, can anyone tell me if there is a function for coping a thread to dissect it later. I'm only using the basic duolingo so I miss quiet abit of learning unfortunately! Thx lads

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You aren't missing out on any learning - all of the teaching content on Duolingo is available to all Duolingo users.

I'm not sure what you mean by "coping a thread". Assuming it's just a typo, you can copy the text from the website if you're using a larger screen with a mouse - selecting text and copying it seems to be disabled on smaller touch screens. Alternatively, you can copy the URL to link back to a discussion, but again, that's a function of the Web site - I don't know what your options are if you're using one of the various different phone/tablet apps to access Duolingo.

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