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Starting students at a specific (later) skill for Spanish II?

Hi! I need to figure out how to start students at a later skill in Spanish II since not all students who come to my class will have worked through the program in Spanish 1. Is it possible to start everybody in a class at a later skill, or do I need to assign duolingo "catch up" time for the first week?

April 23, 2015



There is no way to automatically start them all off at a later skill.

A "catch up" week sounds like a good solution, and those who have worked on the tree before could spend it regilding their skills. Just make sure those who are new to Duolingo know that they can test out of the early skills, so they don't have to spend too much time on the very basics if they already know them.


Thanks Deliciae! I forgot that Duolingo allows kids to test out if they have the proper understanding of those lessons! Have a great day.


You can also propose to take the placement test, but that could put them at very different levels, so if you monitor each skill closely, it might not be the best option.

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