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"She used to assume that I did not know anything."

Translation:Hun plejede at antage at jeg ikke vidste noget.

April 23, 2015



Du vide ikke noget, Jens Sne...


Why does the "ikke" follow the pronoun and not the verb here? I assume it has something to do with the "at" in the middle of the sentence? Thanks!

[deactivated user]

    You are on the right track. The sentence is comprised of a main clause and a subordinate clause:

    • Main clause: Hun plejede at antage (She used to assume)

    • Subordinate clause: at jeg ikke vidste noget. (that I did not know anything.)

    The general rule is that to negate a main clause, you insert ikke after the verb: Hun plejede ikke at antage (She didn't use to assume)

    And to negate a subordinate clause, you insert ikke before the verb: at jeg ikke vidste noget (that I did not know anything)


    Jon Snow...is that you?


    "Hun plejede at tro at jeg ikke vidste noget some helst." Should be accepted, since Danish normally uses negative reinforcement suffixes in sentences such as these.


    wrong hints again/ still...


    "hun plejede at formode, at jeg ingenting vidste.", burde være en acceptabel variant. Faktisk burde der være en del flere acceptable oversættelser.


    What about "... at jeg vidste intet"?

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