"Det vil jeg overveje."

Translation:I will consider that.

April 23, 2015

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What does this strange word order mean? Does it convey tone similar to That, I will consider?


apparently not, since "That, I will consider" is not accepted for some reason.


I think it's just because Det is first so we have inversion.


Thank you for your comment, but I think you slightly misunderstood my question. I understand why the verb precedes the subject given that the sentence starts with the object. What I'm asking about is why is the object at beginning in the first place. (Instead of the common word order Jeg vil overveje det.)


Emphasis indeed. It sounds more natural this way if you want to put stress on the action itself ("Det vil jeg gøre."), not on the person doing it. ("Jeg vil gøre det.")

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It may be an emphasis thing, don't you think ?

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