Lingots Guide

How do you get lingots?

Leveling up-1 lingot, Finishing a skill-2 lingots, Inviting friends-1 lingot, Uploading documents-1 lingot

What are lingots for?

Buying stuff, like powerups

Can you get free lingots?

Yes people can give them to you

Can you give lingtos?

YES! Look at a post or comment, and look to the right. There should be a button that says "Give lingot" Click that.

Reply if there is a mistake or something I need to add. A like or/and a few lingots would be apprieciated.

April 23, 2015


i need help i clicked a language and found out that i really don't want to learn it how do i get it off my screen

Under drop down menu near ur profile pic select settings and then go to learning a language . Then choose the remove courses option and then select the language you want to remove !

By the way which language was it !

You dont only get 1 lingot on leveling up . You get lingot same as the level gained , for eg level 10 means 10 lingots .

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