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My profile is linked with Facebook. How can I link it to my google account as well?

My profile is linked with Facebook. How can I link it to my google account as well?

I'd like to put the app on my phone as well, but need to be signed in to my google account.

September 16, 2013



I am also curious about this topic. I signed up with duolingo under my email address, but now I would like to link my duolingo account with my google+ account without losing any of my progress. Is this possible?


I'd like to know this as well. When I created my duolingo account I was only able to sign in with facebook, but now that there is an option to sign in with google I'd prefer that option. I've accidentally created a duolingo account linked with google, and I'd like to delete that one and link google with my facebook duolingo account.


Ditto, only just started so not a HUGE deal if I have to start again. When I registered I missed the "Sign in with Google+" link and set up an account with e-mail address. Would love to link this to my google profile instead/as well!


you need to sign in using google account, if you permit duolingo access to your circles, then it will link your duo app to google+ account


What if you already have an account though? Wouldn't logging in with a google account creat a new profile and require you to start over with all of your courses? How would you link a current account to Google+?


Originally, I have my duolingo account accidentally linked with my google+ , then accidentally had it removed. I logged in using my existing google+ account to have it linked again and it didn't create a new duolingo profile, I don't have to start all over again. Although I got to put a disclaimer as mine might be a different case since I created my duolingo profile directly from duolingo app then linked it to google+ .


Any solution to this problem? I would like to link the accounts too. Thanks

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