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Asking Store Clerk in Spanish

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In Spanish, when asking "Do you have " as in "is in stock in the store?" , would you use "tiene _?" or "hay?" or "se vende ___?" ?

Also can I say "Busco la novel, Cinderella. Lo hay aquí?" I'm not so sure about the "lo" with the "hay".

Thanks in advance!

3 years ago



Well, it seems that I need to improve my english, honestly I did not get what your doubt is... but here we go.

In spanish there are several ways to ask for something, in this case I think you mean about ask for a book or novel, so if you go to a library or book shop you could say:

  • Buenos días, ¿tiene "Cien años de Soldedad" de Garcia Marquez"? (In this case you don't know if the book is available)

  • Buenos días ¿vende "Cien años de Soldedad" de Garcia Marquez"? (But in this one you know that the book is available, but you are not sure if it is for sale)

About your question (or what I understood), grammatically " ¿lo hay aquí? is understandable but is not correct, it is used in situations like:

  • No veo el agua, ¿la hay aquí? (I don't know how to translate "la hay aquí" to english, sorry)

However, the simplest way to ask for something in any kind of shop is how I just explained.

Finally, "¿Busco la novela, Cinderella. Lo hay aquí?" is understandable but sounds not correct.

The correct translation for that phrase is :

  • Busco la novela Cinderella, ¿la tienen aquí? / I am looking for the novel "Cinderella", do you have it here?

"Lo" and "hay" almost never go together only in a few cases, I invite you to learn this:

  • ¡Lo hay!

  • Lo había

Now I will go to make an arepa I am really hungry.


3 years ago


I've always used tiene in those cases, but am not sure if that is the only way.

3 years ago


All of these are correct:
"Busco la novela Cenicienta. La hay aquí?
"Busco la novela Cenicienta. La tiene aquí?
"Busco la novela Cenicienta. La venden acá?
"Busco la novela Cenicienta. La tienen?
You must use "la" because "novela" is feminine.

3 years ago