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"Quando nós sentamos, nós comemos."

Translation:When we sit, we eat.

September 16, 2013



This sounds like a sure fire path to fatness!


Is "sentar" ever used as a reflexive verb? E.g. "Eu me sento"?


No, not really. It's usually used as a reflexive verb when we have no more context. But actually, it is a question of preference. Sente-se, eu me sento quando encontro lugar vago, sente-se na cadeira. In Duo's example, they didn't use it as a reflexive verb.


are there very many reflexive verbs in Portuguese? (or verbs commonly used reflexibly)...obviously I am still new to this but so far compared to Spanish I was surprised by several verbs I thought would be reflexive but aren't


When do we use an accent with nos? So far I've seen different versions being used, but have no clue why or when to use which one.


Nós = we

Nos = us

Nos = in/on/at the


Would this work? "Quando a gente senta, come".

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