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Immersion: finished articles, option to freeze changes?

Once a translation - in Immersion - is "finished", it could be great if the uploader would have the option to block/freeze changes.

Indeed, once the article is finished and the translation has been uploaded on the internet, it's better for users to work on other translations since this one, however may be not perfect, is "done" (at least for Wikipedia's articles and commercial translations).

So users should still have access to the immersion page of the article because it can be interesting to see the translation, the comments etc., but would have an warning on top saying that the page isn't anymore up to translation (and maybe the uploader can give a link to the translated article on the web, so users will see that they're work has served in addition to trained to their training).

Maybe a button "freeze translation work", only seen by the uploader, appearing once the article is finished; and also maybe the same button in the notification e-mail we receive when the translation of an article we uploaded is finished.

PS: Please, feel free to correct any (grammatical) mistake. It would help me to improve my english.

September 16, 2013


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