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My compliments to the Duolingo team

I came across your iphone app looking for a tool to learn Spanish. After using it for a few days I got to say fabulous idea, brilliant concept and superb implementation. Duolingo makes language learning easy and fun. Congratulations!

September 16, 2013



Thanks! Glad you're enjoying Duolingo :)


Yea, I do agree with you, Duolingo has make learning language easier. Before Duolingo, I was using a guidebook to learn and I understood nothing, but thanks to Duolingo, I start to understand Spanish. Good luck in learning Spanish =D


Yup! Thank you guys...I am learning French for now.


This website is by far the most intuitive and fun (I came over from Memrise).


I really think this web side help us A LOT I am from Mexico and I'm learning french now :D


Totally agree! I am an Indonesian who have bought textbooks/CDs to learn new languages. None of them worked for me. It has only been three weeks with Duolingo and I'm speeding more than ever. Some of my friends have joined and they say the same. Thank you very much, Duolingo team.

p.s. Please consider to add new languages from Asia. Japanese/Korean/Mandarin/anything would be good.


duolingo is fantastic i love it !! <3


I'd also like to express my appreciation for this site. Very intuitive and fun to use. Very effective as well. Much better than those expensive programs you have to shell out hundreds of euros/dollars/whatever for.


Buena suerte amigo.


This is absolutely the best language-learning resource I've found, I'm having so much fun! Hope to see more languages added in the future. :)


Hello there. I discovered Duolingo looking for new apps for my iphone..... and I started to learn Portuguese in the middle of July and today I finally conquered the "Portuguese Tree" (my native language is Spanish) . This is amazing!!... I want to thank all those who have made this wonderful project possible. Parabens!!! :)


I have tried to teach myself French for YEARS without much success. French for Idiots was the best book to get a handle on idioms/tricks/pronunciation (odd, the audio is too fast for my ears but the book helped train my ear what I was hearing). iOS ap "MindSnacks" is a great tool that is ALL GAMES to practice vocabulary. I picked up a box of flashcards for $10 that has been extremely helpful. But by far, Duolingo is the best language tool I have found to date!!


I used MindSnacks for French but it really didn't teach me much except numbers.


Why such a name like Duolingo .!!! but i am loven it


duolingo is "two languages" in fancy english.


I agree, both the website and app are creative, helpful and can be navigated much better than any other websites/apps I've found. Learning German has been an awesome experience so far!


si, im re-learning the spanish i learned in high school then learning portuguese also. I love Duolingo and tell all my friends and co workers about it. thank you.



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