"Vampires sleep in coffins during the day."

Translation:Vampyrer sover i kister om dagen.

3 years ago


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What's the difference between under and om?

3 years ago


under is used when something happens during an event:

  • Jeg kedede mig under middagen.

  • Han lukkede sin butik under krigen.

  • Hun skal drikke mange øl under festen.

om is used for specifying a regularly recurring time or period:

  • Times of the day: om morgenen, om eftermiddagen osv.

  • Seasons: om foråret, om vinteren osv.

  • Weekdays: om mandagen, om søndagen (on mondays, on sundays...)

I can't think any more uses for om in this sense.

3 years ago


om is here used to specify a recurring event ... but it does not necessarily have to be recurring. It could also just be to specify a time or period in which something occurs like "jeg ringede til ham om aftenen" (I called him in the evening).

2 years ago
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