Who could help me with my little short story?

Hi there!

Sometimes I listen to some podcasts and I note down the expressions. Below are the last expressions with his explanations. If you don't know these expressions, you can learn right now! But if you know, what do you think to help me to correct my short story? I tried to use writing a short story, I don't know if I used the best way, in the better context.


Hey! Where are you going? I've tasks for you, stick around.

Tomorrow I'll be on a trip, that's why I can't help you with all this fucking mess. I suggest you to drink several cup of coffee and then kick off. You need to clean this living room by yourself, this time I won't help you. You need to man up!

I want be in peace tomorrow, don't bother me when you finish this mess. Probably you will be keyed up and impossible. After your tasks, don't forget to set up the computer for your father as well.

You know.. This trip is so important to me, I'll try my hand in a Chocolate Company.


Stick Around It means, stay near, stay around.

Kick Off Almost equal Start, Begin. Example: They kick off a celebration with a parade.

Man Up: This is recently phrase verb that's become popular and means strong, brave, courage..

Try my hand: It means, try something by first time. I never playing tennis. I'm going to to try my hand with tennis tomorrow.

Keyed Up Do you know when you had a lot of coffee? That's effects. To be jumpy, jittery or excited is also called keyed up.

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Ola! Eu falo ingles (Sou estadunidense) e estara feliz ajudar! (Me desculpe, este teclado nao tem "number pad" e e dificil digitar com acentos)

Primeiro, bom trabahlo!

Algumas correcoes:

"I suggest you to drink" = "I suggest you drink" ou "I suggest that you drink" - Nao precisa "to"

"several cup of coffee" = "several cups" -

Probably you will be keyed up - e ok, mas eu acho que a frase "You will probably be ..." e usada com mais frequencia

"Try my hand in a chocolate company" - eu nao sei exactamente que voce quer dizer. Eu suponho que voce quer trabalho na empresa? Se assim, deve dizer "Try my hand working at a chocolate company"

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Thank you so much reddpanda!

Do you really native speaker? What bring you to learn Portuguese? I can help you with Portuguese if you want, I'm really patient!

In that first correction, when I was writing, the preposition "to" came into in my head and I didn't know what to do.. Could you explains why we don't need to use "to" in this case?

Thanks for Several cups and You will probably be (this especially sounds much better to me now)

Try my hand.. That man tried a new job, with something different that he never tried before. Accords to podcast, try my hand means something that you never tried before, something new.. So.. that guy will try a new different job, but I can feel that I didn't use in a good context..

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Eu pertence de um grupo da capoeira, e eu nao preciso aprender Portugues, mas eu quero melhorar communicacao e tambem mostrar respeito para os mestres quando nos encontramos. Tambem e uma lengua muito linda!

Eu preciso practicar com communicoes, entao, me conta se voce nao me entende, e corrija me se voce quer.

Voce tem um bom entendido da frase "Try my hand" - mas e normalmente usado com um verbo ou uma atividade. Entao, seu primero exemplo "Try my hand at tennis" e bom. Mas "Chocolate company" e um substantivo, entao voce precisa o verbo "working" por faz sentido

Algumas vezes voce precisa "to" e outras vezes, nao. Eu acho que e como "de" em Portugues. Eu preciso pensar mais sobre as regras.

Os verbos "want" e "need" precisa de "to" quando outros verbos siga. Como:

"I need to eat"; "I want to swim"; "I need you to clean your room"; "I want him to leave"

A maioria dos outros verbos usa a palavra "that", mas nao precisa incluir esta palavra na frase. A entender-se.

"I suggest you eat something" e o mesmo como "I suggest that you eat something".

Outros verbos: "I hope that you like the film" ou "I wish you could stay"

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That's cool, I practiced Capoeira a little bit, today I'm athlete of wushu ..

Thanks for Try My Hand, now I got it and "to", I think I understood in that case, but I always get a doubt when I'm writing.

And... I can understand perfectly you, your message it's clear to me, just clear/work more with conjugations and some words that are missing, like that:

Eu pertence de um grupo - eu pertenço (conjugation) a (article) um grupo

... verbo "working" por faz sentido - ... verbo "working" para fazer sentido

... mas eu quero melhorar communicacao - mas eu quero melhorar a minha communicacao

Let me know your doubts, we can help each other.

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i can

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Aprenda Inglês em apenas 5 minutos por dia. De graça.

Aprenda Inglês em apenas 5 minutos por dia. De graça.