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  5. "An ceathrú huair"

"An ceathrú huair"

Translation:The fourth hour

April 24, 2015



Why can't this be the quarter hour? Is there something about time that forces 4th?


The quarter hour would be an cheathrú uaire, using the genitive, and leniting ceathrú aften an, as it is feminine.

For an ordinal number like "fourth", the noun will be in the singular, and nouns words starting with a vowel are prefixed with "h" - an ceathrú huair. (This ceathrú is not lenited after an, because it's an adjective, which doesn't have gender).


I see that "The fourth time" is an accepted translation for this sentence. This meaning seems very different from "the fourth hour." Is "the fourth time" really a valid translation here?


Yes, it is.

Uair means "time/occasion" as well as "hour" - An uair seo den bhliain - "this time of year".


So this is not "It is four o'clock." but more like the fourth hour of a contest or something?


It can be the fourth hour of the day, but "it is four o'clock" is tá sé a ceathair a chlog.


I thought that was the case but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a special slang version of it. Many thanks!


It's a "trick question", but not because of any slang - an cheathrú uaire and an ceathrú huair mean two very different things.


Has the concept of n-th been explained anywhere?


It wasn’t explained in the Tips and Notes of the Numbers, Measurements, or Dates and Time skills, so it’s probably not explained here. You can find an explanation of Irish ordinal numbers here and some examples here.

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