New XP handling

I really do not get it. The old system was quit logical. If you answered all questions with less than 4 errors you passed and got at least 10 XPs. If you made less errors you were rewarded additional XPs. If you made no mistake you were also awarded a lingot.


In the new system (which sadly now also rolled out on mobile devices :( ) you seem to get less XPs when you do everything right!

I just answered all questions correctly, and was awarded 8 XPs which is below my daily limit of 10 XPs. What the *ยง&()??

What is going on here? I also liked the reward of a lingot if you had all questions right. Nice motivation.

Could somebody explain to me what was the motivation for this dramatic change to the worse?

April 24, 2015


It's based on how decayed the words you reviewed were. It's meant to discourage from reviewing stuff you already know extremely well, like doing basics 1 over and over again to get XP. You are guaranteed 10 XP when you do a new lesson, and you get between 3 and 10 XP for review, based on word decay, not accuracy. Timed practice XP works the same as it always did.

Ah ... OK ... makes sense. I usually do 1 strengthen skills per day to let my streak survive.Last days I got 10 XP for that.

Hmm ... or you use timed to get 20 XP ... never used that as it is not implemented on mobile ... but actually it is fun ;)

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