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"French girls are very beautiful!"

Translation:Fransız kızlar çok güzeller!

April 24, 2015



Why not "Fransız kızları"?


When are nationalities + subjects/objects compound nouns and when are they not?

I remember in a previous question the phrase 'Türk kızları' was wanted and 'İtalyan erkekleri'.

So why is it not 'Fransız kızları' here?


I read a comment, I don't remember from whom of the moderators, that for people we have to say Ingiliz kadin, Işveçli piyanist etc, but for things Fransiz arabasi, Alman şirketi etc. In the same comment I learnt that there are two exceptions from that rule, kiz and erkek, where both with and without the "i" is possible. So why Fransiz kizlari çok güzeller is not accepted???? Just a forgotton alternative?


Why fransalı kızlar is not accepted?


Can anyone explain when adjectives have to agree?


How does fransa become fransız.i wrote fransa kızlar....please explain


Yoo hicte guzel degiller


I am consistently disturbed by how sexist the sample phrases are. I can assure you I'll never say this, or anything about "guzel kizlar" ever in my life.


why is this sexist? according to Cambridge dictionary sexism is defines as "(actions based on) the belief that the members of one sex are less intelligent, able, skilful, etc. than the members of the other sex, especially that women are less able than men:"

This does not conform with what is the widely accepted definition of sexism at all. It is making a statement about a group of people's appearance, and has nothing to do with gender!


I agree. And moreover I feel sorry for jwweir if he/she does not allow him/herself to express admiration about beautiful girls. Beauty should be revered in all of its forms and aspects. And I am a woman who has always stand for women's dignity and respect, starting with mine.
Conformist correctness is a cancer for the mind.

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