"Is Persian easy?"

Translation:Farsça kolay mı?

April 24, 2015

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İ think it is easy, the only problem is you must learn the arabic alphabets and after that it is easy. Even turkey uses the Arabic alphabet many years ago. If I have a chance to change the writing system of Persian I will really change it to Latin and then like Turkish many people could learn this language easily. In my idea Persian is easier than Turkish. Because of the origin of the Persian language that is belongs to hindu-European languages and many Iranians can easily learn how to speak French, English and other hindu-European languages


Learning the Arabic alphabet is the easiest thing. The problem is, knowing the Arabic alphabet doesn't mean you can actually read a word written in it, due to the fact that the vowels are usually not shown. You would see the Persian word پسر and see the letters P-S-R, but is it: peser, or pasar, or pusur, or pasur or… or… or… ;p

Arabic alphabet reminds me of the Chinese letters. You can't read a word if you don't actually know the word. ;p


That is true for Farsi. Mostly due to the fact that the Arabic alphabet was not originally created for it. Arabic however is very regular in its apply of short vowels and there are far less confusions. (In those cases usually little vowel markers are applied بَ بِ بُ


True too, even if 90% of the time, or more, the little markets are not there;-)


I didnt know that you are learning arabic, and btw there are "haraka" symbols on words to know the exact pronunciation


Very challenging... But if it is like Chinese, that's good! Because in Japanese, some characters change theirs sounds in different contexts


There are no letters in chinese, there are characters.


Which is 汉字 (Hànzì)

汉 -> chinese language (comes from Han ethnic group)

字 -> character


You made me want to learn Persian!


When do we use mi and when mu?



It is all according to 4-way vowel harmony based on the final vowel of the word proceeding it. Read that post to learn a bit more about 4-way vowel harmony!


To those friends who feel it’s hard to learn Arabic alphabet, Guys in these days all the Iranian population are familiar with Persian in English alphabet also. So you don’t need to learn Arabic alphabet anymore… We in Persian countries call these as “Pingilish” which is Persian in English alphabet and it’s all accepted all around Iran, and people can understand that. So no need to learn Arabic alphabet anymore…


... though I'm sure it comes in handy for learning Arabic! Regarding the "a-b-c" alphabet: Maybe we should call it "Roman" instead of "English," since so many other languages also use it.


Fluent in Persian, English and Azerbaijani Turkish and ready to language exchange with some English, German, French, Italian or Istanbul Turkish native speakers


Yes It is easy but however you have to learn a lot if you want to have a good control of the language.


confused in mi ,mu?


Persian is Iranian language not French


Would: farsca kolay misin mean: is Persian easy for you???


No. The subject of your sentence is still "Persian" -- not "you" -- so you would not have a -sin personal ending. "Is Persian easy for you?" would be "Farsça senin için kolay mı?"

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