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Danish flashcards on duolingo?

Learning danish with duolingo is really practical. Thank you for it. I was wondering when there will be a "words" section with flashcards reviews like in other courses (such as french). It would be really useful and helpful to have this tool. In case can one help develop it ? Best regards, Antars

April 24, 2015



Unfortunately, Danish won't have a "words" section any time soon. Same goes for other newer languages like Swedish, Irish, etc. I started to make my own flashcards using a website called Quizlet.

Quizlet also has more features to help you practice your words, like games and tests. Hope you find this useful!


Thank you for your answer and the link


Memrise might be helpful, there are courses there that use the Duolingo vocab. I recommend Shane95's course:


It is incomplete, however, so I am now working on a course that covers the next section of vocabulary:


It is almost complete, after which I will start a course covering the vocabulary in the final (and fifth) section of the Duolingo course.

If you prefer your own pacing, you can make your own course on Memrise and add the words as you learn them (this is what I am doing, hence if you use my courses you will be constrained by my pace).

Anki is another good and free option for flashcards.


Thank you for your answer. I found the courses on duolingo and started them : )


Tak! Thank you so much! I really appreciate this :)


I want to learn and repeat all danish learned word with flash card I learn so many things with ankidriod app. But i could not find a good and comprehensive flash card for danish. Is anyone know a similar app which supports danish?

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