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  5. "Hun er en lille pige."

"Hun er en lille pige."

Translation:She is a little girl.

April 24, 2015



Not to be confused with the lilla pige!

[deactivated user]

    lille er ental (singular), små er flertal (plural)

    en lille pige, to små piger


    Alright, I understand that much. But aren't they two different words that both mean small/little? When should you use one rather than the other? Does it even matter?


    You use them exactly as viktorbluhme said, "lille" is the singular form of the adjective, and "små" is the plural form (N.B. This is true when it's definite as well. For example: "Den lille bil" (the little car) but "De små biler" (the little cars))


    Oh! Okay. I wasn't expecting two forms of the same word to be so different. Thanks very much (Both of you!).

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