In anticipation of hackathon ( I made couple of more suggestions so let me know what do you think about them :)

I'm not a programmer but it think only #1 for discussions could be difficult to implement.


  1. Always show the Duolingo's main translation in lessons. (Sometimes my translations are very literal and if there are no comments in the sentence discussion I forget to check duolingo's main translation)

  2. In listen and type when we make a typo show the translation along with the correct solution. (Lots of times there is blank space where there should be a translation in sentence discussion.)


  1. Ability to follow a certain comment or a button "I want to know this as well." (This one feels a bit redundant since we have "follow discussion" option but If there are a lot of comments and we want to keep track of specific ones this could be helpful.)

  2. Remove down-voting outside of the discussion

  3. Add follow button outside of the discussion

September 16, 2013


What do you mean by "remove down-voting outside of the discussion"? Do you mean that you can't down vote something without actually opening the discussion?

Yes, that is exactly what I mean.

I really like that idea. That makes total sense.

Yeah, so do I. It would reduce "judging books by their covers".

I'm an amateur programmer, and I agree that all of those should be fairly simple to implement, except maybe Lessons #1, and definitely Discussions #1. The rest should be simple.

How would #1 under discussions be that different from up-voting a discussion? Unless you mean that an up-vote is not an obvious enough indicator of people's desire to get a response from the developers.

As you said and if I am not mistaken up-voting doesn't provide developers with an information that there is a question inside the discussion that needs attention since it can mean so many different things.

Creating that system would be something even more difficult than what I have imagined which is to have an ability to mark a comment so we can get a specific notification in our notification bell when somebody replies to that question/comment we were interested in.

What I really don't like is that lessons 1 and 2 seemed to be implemented before all the recent cosmetic changes....I'm not even sure what the benefits of the new look are supposed to be.

I like.It makes complete sense.

I'm not sure why you would want to follow a discussion that you haven't opened up yet.

You're right, this one doesn't make a lot of sense. A small benefit from that would be that it would show us which discussions we are following with only a glance at the list of discussions.

I would love to see the option to see all the discussions you are currently following.

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