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  5. "Dov'è l'olio per il motore?"

"Dov'è l'olio per il motore?"

Translation:Where is the oil for the motor?

September 16, 2013



Where is the motor oil, isn't the same thing?


Since it says "il motore", evidently people are thinking of a particular motor. "Motor oil" is for motors in general.


I wrote "Where is the motor oil?" and it was accepted.


Fyi For those whose First language is not English, in North America for the car, we usually refer to it as an engine. "Motor" is usually referencing smaller engines, like lawnmowers, small boats, or electrical motors like in kids toys.

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That's largely true in the UK as well.


Although "engine" is also accepted, it should probably be the default answer here. A motor runs on electricity while an engine runs on combustion. Although an electric motor could use some oil I believe a combustion engine is what springs to mind when talking about oil. For some reason "motor oil" is more common than "engine oil"


Steam engines, diesel engines, and electric motors all need oil.


engine suggested but nor accepted. Reported 26jun18


Think generally if the word starts with a vowel, the il etc will be abbreviated, similar to l'uomo. Makes saying it easier as it rolls off the tounge easier


Thought the tips said "il motore" coukd mean car? Marked wrong?

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