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Using Duolingo to show progress in teacher evaluations.

I just sat through a rather long meeting about showing student growth in next year's teacher evaluations and I thought of Duolingo. How easy would that be to just have the students login and show what they've learned since last time.

However, what if the student didn't have enough lingots to buy the test when I needed it? Is there a way that Duolingo could make those available without lingots? Or make them available to classes at certain times?

What do other teachers think about using Duoling to show progress?

April 24, 2015



When I started to use Duolingo 2 years ago, progressing through the course gave me enough lingots to buy the test after a while.

But I think your concerns are valid. To be able to buy the test in the shop is an engagement method for individual learners. It would be great if it was made available to school classes without hassle.


You could probably "cheat" your way around that by creating a new account and test out of courses of languages that you already speak. I don't know how many lingots it would give you to complete a course, but that's repeatable indefinitely. Then you transfer the lingots to your teacher account and dish out to the students as needed.

I know, it's suboptimal because of the many burned accounts.


When you test out you do not earn any lingots.


Or you ask the students to make new accounts, and `test out of spanish'. See how high they'll be placed.

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