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Skill blocks don't know what color to be.

I just did a bunch of skill blocks that had turned from gold to colors. And after finishing each and every lesson that was low on bars, I go to my home page and they turned gold again. This if for like three, skill blocks, but now, not ten minutes later, they are their original colors again. And when I go inside all the lessons are full bars? Is there a reason for this?

September 16, 2013



Maybe you miss a bar for a specific word that appears in those lessons. Try "practice weakest words" under "vocabulary" and see if the gold returns.


Well, it just went back, without me having to do anymore practices. But now something else is weird. I have a two day streak, I can see two day of coin stacks, today and yesterday, and for that I have seen today a two day streak number, but even though the colors went back to gold, like the colors, out of nowhere my streak says, one instead of two. Don't get me wrong, I'm not concerned about a one day of a two day streak, but this is two weird things happening?


It is strange: I now have the duolingo page (Home) open on two computers at the same time. On the one, running Win7 (IE) all completely done blocks and bars are gold. On the other, running WinXP(IE) the done blocks have different colors and all bars are gold!? I did screenshots of both. What does it depend on?

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what I want to know is what the different colors mean. I don't find anywhere that explains the difference between green and blue and ... etc.

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