"Bu ülkede herkes rüşvet alıyor."

Translation:Everyone is accepting bribes in this country.

April 24, 2015

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Interesting. In Persian we also say رشوه (reşve) for bribe


All are of arabic origin written the same way as in farsi


rusvet, not "rusvetler". Is it because "herkes" already indicates more than one person?


Precisely. If the subject pronoun indicates numbers of two or more, the suffix is dropped. That said, you may use the appropriate harmonious plural suffix, but it isn't something natives do.


Okay, that makes sense. Sounds like a similar concept to numbers in Turkish. Thanks.


Absolutely. Bir şey değil, rica ederim. Also, and I'm telling you this only because I know you are studying Arabic as well, but don't mix up TR and AR as they are two very different languages: In Arabic, you will learn if you haven't already, that if you start the sentence with a verb not preceded by a pronoun in 2nd and 3rd person it is correct to start off in singular form irregardless of subject, whether it is dual or plural. Just something to keep in mind that is similar if you haven't learned this, yet.


Thanks for the tip. I don't think I'll ever mix up Turkish and Arabic. My way of speaking those languages are very different and my Arabic studies are with formal courses (starting in May) so even my way of learning them are quite different. Thanks for your help.


I hate this lesson my English is not that high to understand this hard words omg gerçekten çok çok zor ve sert :-


This is what I wrote and it was not accepted: "in this country everyone is taking a bribe". Seriously?!?!


The problem is that "in this country everyone is taking bribe" isn't correct in English. It has to be "everyone is taking bribes" or "everyone is taking a bribe." (If it turns out that one of those isn't accepted, you can use the "Report a problem" button to report it, and they'll probably add it.)


Why not "rüşveti alıyor"?


You are talking about bribes in general as opposed to specific bribes. General direct objects do not get the accusative case.


Oooow! Bunlar büyük iddialar!


Why doesn't the original sentence use the aorist? The correct way to express this idea in English is "Everyone takes bribes in this country."

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