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Switching between different starting languages.

Is there an easier way (or could you make one) to switch between courses from different starting languages? My native language is German and I am fluent in English. Now I learn Irish from English and French from German. I started English/German just for fun. In the desktop version and the app every time I want to switch between courses I need to go back and selet a new language (at least 3 steps). My progresses is still in the system that's not the problem. On my profile and the side bar in the app there ar just the languages shown from the starting language I currently use. I know that must be a problem for more people as the choice of languages in English is the biggest but they still want to use theire native language. Could someone help me? Otherwise please take this as a suggestion for improvement on an otherwise great site and app

April 24, 2015



Yes, there is a script to facilitate the process;

If you have Firefox, download the Greasemonkey extension. Chrome, download Tampermonkey.

After that, install this: DuolingoCourseSwitcher

Then, you will have to modify your course once more, before it stays like that:


The greasemonkey/tampermonkey extension is a pretty good one. I just bookmark the different starting pages: The "learn Spanish online" and the "aprende ingles en linea".


Thanks I'll try that

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